American Originals: Creative Interiors

Vendome — 2018

“The photographer William Abranowicz has certainly captured his fair share of these interiors in his 40-year-long career, but he’s also managed to stumble across some genuinely striking homes (which often still belong to celebrities) that manage to express something warmly personal about their owners. He’s compiled these interiors into American Originals.” — Bloomberg.com
“In capturing the everyday moments of domesticity—the arrangement of objects on kitchen shelves, the creative clutter of an artist’s house and studio and the stillness of a living room with a dog asleep on the sofa—Bill Abranowicz’s photographs tell a story about the lives of the people who live in these spaces. And in them, we see our stories, too.”
— Pilar Vilades / 1stDibs / Introspective
“The photographer, long noted for his talent for capturing the essence of rooms and their occupants, has seen a lot and documented a lot. In this new book, Abranowicz focus his lens on the places where poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicians, and other celebrities live. We see how these luminaries express themselves and their creativity in their rooms.” —
Who are the American Originals? They are photographer William Abranowicz’s pantheon of extraordinary subjects—artists, poets, rock stars, designers, heirs and heiresses, tastemakers, architects, designers—for whom the home represents the ultimate canvas of self-expression. In this lavish volume of more than 225 photographs, including many never-before-published images, Abranowicz invites us into the private spaces of extraordinary and fiercely authentic individuals, as seen through his inimitable eye.
William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_1 William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_2 William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_3 William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_4 William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_5 William Abranowicz_American Originals: Creative Interiors_6